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Portage Dental Clinic has been serving the Ottawa, Gatineau and the National Capital Region with top quality dentistry for over two decades. We are recognized as leaders in aesthetic, implant and restorative dentistry.


We are ​delighted to announce t​hat Dr. Alessandro Di Pietro has joined Portage Dental Clinic with Dr. Barry Cooper. He is super friendly, has a wide range of experience, and is committed to the excellence you expect from us.



We are pleased to be accepting new patients of ALL ages.

Our mission is to establish long-term oral health applying the latest proven materials and technologies in a caring and comfortable environment. We are passionate about dentistry and committed to providing excellence to our patients.

Dr. Alessandro Di Pietro

About Us


Restorative Dentistry


We fix any decaying teeth and replace broken fillings while preserving as much of the tooth structure as possible.

Snoring and sleep related breathing disorders


Thanks to up-to-date continuing education courses, Dr Di Pietro can provide you with quality mandibular advancement appliances used in the treatment of sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders. 

Oral and Periodontal Surgery

Surgeries are performed within the clinic. When appropriate, we work with reputable specialists in the National Capital Region to ensure that you benefit from the highest levels of expertise.

Jaw (TMJ) Treatments

Colleagues often refer our clinic to treat patients with jaw problems thanks to our extensive experience in these treatments.

TMJ Appliances


We design and prescribe customized orthotics for our patients who need to adjust their jaw position, solve teeth grinding (bruxism), or control snoring.

Dental Hygiene

Regular cleanings and checkups are the cornerstone of dental and oral health. We recommend that you have a thorough cleaning twice a year.

General Dentistry
Our Team


We have treated hundreds of cases that involve complex participation between several dental specialists. We are grateful to our patients, staff, colleagues and dental labs – for their support in this essential work. Thank you for your continued confidence.


Here are recent examples that demonstrate some of our most challenging cases. Some of these treatments involved other specialists who worked under our direction. We appreciate their contribution to giving patients back their functioning dentition, their self-esteem and their smiles. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share some of our clinical experiences with you.

Please click on the images to learn more.
Before 1: Chipped Teeth
Before 1: Chipped Teeth

This adolescent had chipped his teeth in a soccer game. The usual solution would be either a complete facing or full crown, both of which remove excessive tooth structure.

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After 1: Porcelain Restoration
After 1: Porcelain Restoration

With our dental surgical microscope, we prepared the surface of his teeth to bond to an aesthetically pleasing long-term miniature porcelain restoration. This ultra-conservative technique preserves the natural teeth and thus maintains and stabilizes the patient’s dentition. (Note the almost perfect colour matching possible with this technique.)

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Before 2: Crown Aesthetics
Before 2: Crown Aesthetics

A crown had been done a number of years ago and but she was never happy with it. This person was employed by one of my dental specialist colleagues, who referred her to our clinic.

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After 2: Orthodontics and Crown
After 2: Orthodontics and Crown

We suggested orthodontic treatment for her before placing a new crown on one front tooth and a matching veneer on the other. The orthodontics challenge was to move her teeth in order to harmonize her gums and position her teeth before we applied the crown and veneer.

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Before 3: Everything
Before 3: Everything

This person was motivated to undergo an extensive reconstruction in order to restore his smile and daily function.

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After 3: The Works
After 3: The Works

Teeth not only provide us with a smile, they enable us to eat, speak, be self-confident and radiate well-being.

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Happy Clients


Our Address

144 Promenade du Portage, Phase IV

Gatineau, Quebec J8X 2k3 \\ Tel: 819-771-3368

Send us a message by scrolling to the bottom of the page. We are pleased to answer any of your questions.

Business Hours

Monday to Thursday  8:00AM-12:00PM, 1:00PM-4:00PM
Friday: 8:00AM-1:00PM
Weekends: Closed

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