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Microscopic Dentistry

Our office takes pride in our precision dental operating microscope, which allows us to preserve the maximum amount of your tooth’s natural structure. We are one of the few local clinics equipped with such equipment.

Digital X-rays

Our digital X-ray system allows us to take crystal-clear images of your teeth and oral structures while minimizing your exposure to radiation. Digital X-rays use no toxic chemicals, so they’re better for the environment.

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)


CAD/CAM enables us to visualize dental restorations and coordinate fine adjustments with the the lab to ensure a perfect fit.

Consult-Pro (Dental Education Material)


We licensed a library of bilingual dental education videos and illustrations from Consult-Pro to help patients choose the best materials and treatments to maintain their oral health over the long term.

Air Abrasion

This conservative technique preserves precious natural tooth structure. Air abrasion, used along with an operating microscope, minimizes the amount of tooth structure that our dentists have to remove.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic)

CEREC tooth restoration technology is a convenient way to restore damaged teeth, because it can be done in a single visit. 

Biocompatible Materials


The dental materials we use are biocompatible. We use only high-quality, scientifically proven materials that we buy from reputable Canadian suppliers.

Odyssey 2.4G Diode Soft Tissue Laser

In combination with special bonding techniques, we use this high performance laser to sculpt gum tissues and perform the best-quality aesthetics and tooth restorations.

Digital Photography, Smile Analysis and Computer-based Radiographic Imaging


The extensive aesthetic and rehabilitative treatments that Dr. Cooper provides require photographic and X-ray analysis.

Our Technology
Fees and Insurance


We recognize that all health care is expensive. We believe the best way to control dental expenses is through regular maintenance, high-quality dental care, and home-based oral hygiene. In dentistry, as in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We encourage our patients to have regular checkups and cleanings to save time and trouble in the long run. Acute health care needs usually require extensive and expensive treatment.

We are dedicated to your health. We don’t want expense to prevent you from getting the oral health care you need, so if you’re concerned about costs, I encourage you to discuss this with us. Ourgoal is to provide you with the best-quality comprehensive dental care.

Our Fees and Payment Options

Our fees reflect the high-quality treatment we provide to our patients. We use only the highest-quality evidence-based technologies, instruments and materials in order to provide excellent value to our patients.

We require payment directly from you at the time of your treatment.

We accept cash, debit and major credit cards and we can help you to connect with third-party financial services. Please feel free to discuss this with us: we recognize that everyone is on a budget.

In extraordinary financial circumstances, Portage Dental Clinic may help a patient attain their dental needs and goals through specific arrangements. Please let the staff know if that is your case. 

Your Dental Insurance

Our administrative staff electronically submit insurance claims directly to the insurance companies. Our patients usually receive reimbursement within a couple of weeks. Please bring your insurance information with you to speed up the processing.

Your dental insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. Coverage is limited to the specifics described in your policy. We will gladly guide you through the insurance claims process and help you make the most of your benefits. We are familiar with most major insurance companies in the National Capital Region, but they do not always notify us about changes.

Please bring any updated information on your insurance plan to your next appointment.


Sometimes a treatment that you choose or require is only partially covered or is excluded by your insurance carrier. Before the treatment begins, we offer to send an estimate to your insurance company to check how much of the cost your plan will cover. Though the estimate may not be 100% accurate, it can help you plan your finances.

"I really appreciate that I rarely have to wait for my appointments."
– Adrian



We respect the provincial and federal privacy guidelines. We obtain our patients’ permission before sending information to specialists or insurance companies. We do not share any email addresses. Please let us know if you have any concerns about your privacy.

Cancelling or Rescheduling Appointments

We do not overbook patients in order to compensate for likely cancelled or missed appointments. Your time slot is reserved especially for you.

To maintain the high standards of service that we provide to our patients, a fee of 100$ is charged for appointments cancelled with 24 hours or less notification. 


Though we are sensitive to our patients’ financial situations, we require that treatments be paid in full on the day of treatment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac, personal cheques and cash.


Note: we must charge a $50 processing fee for NSF cheques.



To make comprehensive treatments more accessible, we can direct you to third-party financing through DentoPlan.

Office Policies


Ordre des Dentistes du Québec (Link)

The Ordre des Dentistes du Québec was founded to protect the public. Its mission is to maintain quality dental services through adherence to high standards of practice and ethical conduct, and to promote oral health among Quebecers.

Canadian Dental Association (Link)

The Canadian Dental Association is the national voice for dentistry dedicated to the promotion of optimal oral health, an essential component of general health, and to the advancement and leadership of a unified profession.

Dr Jean-Philippe Gagné: See our Colleague (Link)

Dr Gagné is a colleague who practices in the Gatineau area, and can be a helpful resource if ever you cannot reach someone at our office. 

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